Disrupting Recruitment

Traditionally this is where you find a long spiel about why we are different and frankly most of the time it is purely lip service. We launched in 2012 in an attempt to disrupt the RECRUITMENT industry by being different. Our mission statement is fairly simple and beneath that you will find various ways of making contact with us! 

Businesses are built on relationships, and on that basis Purple Squirrel is a talent acquisition and recruitment business that enjoys connecting like minded companies and individuals. 

We believe in game changing candidates. Talented individuals who are brilliant at what they do and in their chosen careers. That is the definition of a Purple Squirrel.

In terms of companies that we represent our standards are even higher and we work with some of the best, brightest businesses in the Tech/IT and Digital industries.

We are proudly South African and  people. Openly admit to having a soft spot for start-ups (get in touch if you are in hiring phase - special rates apply). Based in Cape Town we specialise in Tech/Digital and IT recruitment as we are passionate about those spaces which makes it easier for us to get the job done!